The Top Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Men

More women than men seek to have their appearances enhanced through cosmetic surgery. This is because society places a bigger demand on female beauty than male attractiveness. Nevertheless, there are many men who wish to alter lots of features of their physical appearances and cosmetic surgery then becomes a priority to them.

Surgery Procedures for Men

Kenny Rodgers and Sylvestre Stallone are two famous male personalities who have sought a little of the magic of cosmetic surgeons. Each year, a lot more men choose to have cosmetic surgery procedures to keep them looking younger and give a desired physical appeal. We spotted one article about Sylvestre Stallone plastic surgery and here it is –

Sylvester Stallone

Some of the top cosmetic surgeries done by men are listed below:

1. Blepharoplasty

This is a surgery done when one’s eyes are characterised by swelling of the upper eyelids. Dark circles and bags under the eyes is also a problem and blepharoplasty is sought by many men to correct the problem. Excess fat under the eyelids are removed and used to fill up the dark circles under the eyes.

2. Abdominal liposuction

Some men have a persistent problem of visceral fat and no amount of exercise can make the situation better. Abdominal liposuction is thus the chosen cosmetic procedure. The fat is made loose and then gotten rid of with the aid of a small incision.

While you can pretty much go back to your normal routine, patients are advised to wait two months before resuming strenuous physical activities.

3. Neck and facelift

These are procedures wildly popular especially in celebrities whose advancing ages seem to compromise their good looks. The incisions made are centred around the neck/ear area. The tissue lining beneath the skin is made taut and sometimes, excess skin has to be sutured. In about three weeks, it is fine to head to light social situations.

4. Gynecomastia surgery

Gynaecomastia is a problem that affects many men and manifests through enlarged breast tissues. The cause in males is thought to be hormonal and the problem can seriously inhibit the social and even physical life of an individual.

The breast tissue responsible for the swell is removed but the nipples are left intact. If need be, liposuction may also be done at the same time to give better chances of healing.

5. Injectables

These procedures are popular because they are minimally invasive. Botox and Dysport are two popular options.

People who choose injections are often old guys who feel their foreheads, cheeks and necks get a little more wrinkled. When done in the wrong way the results could be drastic. For instance, in times when too much of a dose is given, a person can end up with a frozen face that does not display emotion.

It is always important for men to research a little about the procedure they choose before heading out to the surgeon’s parlour. With the medicine of cosmetic surgery getting more advanced by the day, the numbers of both men and women opting for these procedures are set to rise.

Going for plastic surgery in Chicago

The demand for plastic surgery in Chicago is just as high as in many different cities across the United States of America and indeed many other parts of the developed world.

The need to enhance appearance as well as functionality of different parts of the body is usually all-consuming in several people. You have many options to choose from when making the decision to go for plastic surgery in Chicago.

Top doctors in Chicago

When you have determined the procedure you should be going for, here are some of the factors to be considered:

1. The surgeon to perform the procedure; you need to choose the surgeon who has been proven to be prolific in the industry. This means that you have to be sure that the professionals you have set your eyes on is not a quack or a delisted plastic surgeon. The surgeon did a very good job for K Michelle. Especially, the butt implants totally changed her look. See pics –

2. The manner in which the procedure will be funded. You need to decide early enough whether you will pay for the procedure from your savings or loan. Hollywood celebrity Janice Dickinson is rumoured to have gone bankrupt after plastic surgery and this is a pitfall you must plan to avoid.

3. The facility where the surgery will be conducted. After settling on a professional, you need to know the kind of facility where your surgery will be done. Some doctors choose to perform it in their clinics while others choose to have it at a hospital where all the necessary facilities are available. Depending on the length of recovery that comes with the procedure you will be undertaking, you need to choose a comfortable setting if you will need close monitoring.

Of course there are many other considerations that you make prior to scheduling your plastic surgery. These will mostly have to do with the safety of the procedure and your overall health. Failing to heed expert opinion in your decision making process may lead to catastrophic results.

All in all, plastic surgery done successfully will usually bring new light into the life of an individual. Bernadette Peters is one celebrity who has had her life literally given back to her in spite of her age. There are several more people whose lives have been made healthier with advances in the plastic surgery field.

If you are in Chicago and need any transformation done to your body, you might be thrilled to learn that there are almost 300 well-trained, registered and experienced plastic surgeons.

Plastic Surgery in Mexico

It is normal for people to look for cheaper alternatives when it comes to plastic surgery procedures. One of the most common means of getting cheap plastic surgery done is by going to Mexico. As a matter of fact, the cost of plastic surgery in the US is almost double what you will be asked to pay in Mexico.

Mexican plastic surgeryThere are many US citizens who wish to transform a thing or two about their looks but are restrained by the high prices they have to contend with. Many have crossed the border into Mexico to take advantage of the cheap prices there. Not all, however have had good results.

There are a number of things that you ought to debate about before taking off to reap the benefits of affordable cosmetic surgery procedures often dangled by Mexican surgeons online.

1. How safe are these procedures?

In the US, there are risks to any kind of surgical procedure just like there probably are in Mexico. However, when you are making the decision between the two, you have to look at the place which offers you more safety.

As per the results that people have had from Mexico, you are more at risk with the surgeries offered there. The success rates of surgeries performed in the USA cannot still be compared to those done in Mexico.

The risks for death as well as infections are much more in Mexico. In the US, you will have to contend with a huge price but the facilities in which the operations are carried out are more equipped than Mexican centers. As a proof, on my site you can find lot of before & after pictures of successful plastic surgeries.

2. Are you certain of the surgeon’s ability?

In the United States it is much easier for you to determine the training and experience of a surgeon. You can check with the American Board of Plastic Surgeons to determine the certification of a surgeon. It is also much easier for you to know the surgeries that the doctor has done and his successes.

In Mexico, however, this might be quite difficult to achieve. You might not even have the liberty to scrutinise a surgeon’s before & after rhinoplasty photos. It is even harder when you are a foreigner there and do not know much about the surgeon’s credentials.

In any case, there are a number of surgeons whose licenses have been revoked in the US and went ahead to begin practice in Mexico. The regulations there may not be stringent enough to prevent such malpractices.

While you may experience a plastic surgery gone bad even in the US, in Mexico, experiences like the Daryl Hannah plastic surgery are more common. Some surgeons can alter your appearance radically and even make it difficult for your friends and relatives to recognize you after the procedure.

Hence, it is important not jump to any cheap plastic surgery that you come across online that promises you amazing results in Mexico. The risks that you stand to suffer may be more than the price advantage they seem to offer.

Nose Plastic Surgery Cost

I was living my life just like any other normal person on the earth. But as the time passed, things stated to get worst form my social and medical life, and then I started to search about Rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty Cost

Earlier Days: In the earlier days it was not a problem for me as the condition of my nose was hardly different from any other person of my social circle.

I was living a normal life till my higher studies, when things started to get difficult for me as I was feeling a complete and continuous lack of self-confidence due to my unaligned nose.

After looking at the stunning Dyan Cannon plastic surgery before and after results, I was very much excited to get nose job. The reason of these desires was that I was born with an unaligned nose; in the start it did not made me feel worried about it.

Later on, I started to feel difficult to breathe through my nostrils; it was like something is choking my breath and is not letting the breath pass through easily. That was the time when I seriously started to think about getting nose job done.

Cost Factor: I cannot give an exact figure as the cost depends on the complexity of the job, but I was hoping to get an economical yet satisfying nose plastic surgery. The total cost of my plastic surgery was around $4500, which included all my hospital charges as well.

The Process: The idea was to get my nose in perfect shape that is why I started to find one of the best surgeons available in town. It did not take me a lot of time as there were only few surgeons with good repute and marvelous job results.

After being getting my nose checked, I got to know that my bone was intersecting with one of the nostrils resulting in difficult breathing. The procedure was a bit complex due to my case and doctor took double time than usual. He forced the bone to stay straight by giving it aid, and it automatically solved my breathing problem.

Aftereffects: Obviously, I was not expecting something like Christy Turlington nose job (see pictures), as the basic purpose of mine was to get my self-confidence back along with proper breathing process. I was just hoping to get a perfect shaped nose and the results were more than satisfactory for me.

In earlier days, I had sever swelling on my nose which made me curious, but it kept on decreasing by the passing time, and I got a very promising result after two weeks of rest and care.

The other thing was the redness around my eyes which occurred due to the bleeding during the nose job, but it is completely normal. I feel myself totally a complete personality now, and it gives me a lot of confidence to talk to someone.

If you are facing the same problem, then I would recommend you to get it done as soon as possible, because all it gives you is benefits and there are no disadvantage.

Details About Plastic Surgery Prices

Very many people opt to go for plastic surgery procedures to change a thing or two about their appearance. Sometimes, such surgery is necessary even to improve on the functions of the body.

Plastic Surgery Prices

LASIK eye surgery cost, for example, needs to be borne in the event that one needs to correct such problems as myopia. Whatever the procedure to be done, there are prices to contend with when you want to have one. The cost of lasik eye surgery for both eyes definitely depends on the procedure to be carried out.

The more invasive a procedure is, the higher its cost. The recovery process also has an impact on its overall cost.

A tummy tuck procedure costs around $5,300 on average. An autologous fat injection on the other hand costs about $1760 on average. This difference definitely is because of the level of invasiveness of the surgery. A buttock lift on average costs around $4670 whereas a calf augmentation can be carried out for an average cost of $3900.

Women and men alike choose to have procedures done on their breasts. Removal of breast implants costs an average of $2,300. Blepharoplasty is done to enhance the eyelids and it goes for an average price of $2,870. There are several other kinds of plastic surgeries done to enhance the physical features of people.

Variations exist between the charges of different surgeons. You may need to research on breast implants cost as provided for by many different surgeons to choose one that is both safe and fair-priced.

Aside from the charge that the surgeon will put on you, there are several other costs that you will have to contend with.

For example, when you go for tests which are needed to determine your level of fitness for the procedure, there are costs that you have to pay. Aside from these tests, medications will be necessary especially after the procedure during your recovery. If you are recovering at the hospital, you will have to pay an additional charge for the room and nursing services.

A plastic surgery like any other surgery costs a lot of money. You need to plan for it early enough so that you meet all the financial obligations. It is important to bear in mind the fact that there are additional costs which you will have to bear.

However, all these fade when the process is successful. The change will bring a better meaning to your life as concerns both self-esteem and confidence.